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Sales terms and conditions

1. Scope and validity of terms and conditions
1.1. The terms apply to the legal relationship between the person (hereinafter referred to as Client) and shopping site www.kaekellad.ee (hereinafter referred to as online store) owner MP Kaubandus OÜ (hereinafter referred to as Seller) formed through the purchase of products from an online store.
1.2. In addition to these terms and conditions, the legislation of the Republic of Estonia regulates the legal relationships established when a product is purchased from the online store.

2. Products
2.1. The prices of the products are in euros and include 20% VAT.
2.2. The prices and availability of the products may change without notice.
2.3. The images of the products in the online store are illustrative and may differ from the actual product. (Minimally and depending on the settings of the display)

3. Payment for goods
3.1. The products can be paid for through bank links and in installments.

4. Product delivery
4.1. The delivery of purchases starting from 50€ made from the www.kaekellad.ee online store to parcel machines within Estonia is free. The courier service within Estonia is €5.59
4.2. The delivery time is 1-5 business days. The length of the delivery time depends on which warehouse the particular watch is in. Products issued from the Tallinn warehouse can be retrieved the next day. For the exact delivery time of a specific watch model, make a query HERE
4.3. The product is delivered to the Client to a Smartpost or Post24 parcel machine, via courier or registred letter from Eesti Post.
4.4. The Client is obligated to check the validity of their contact information before making the purchase to avoid delays and misunderstandings during the delivery of the product. The seller shall be liable for delivery delays and misunderstandings if such a delay or misunderstanding has been caused by incorrect or imprecise information submitted by the Client while placing the order.
4.5. The Client will be the owner of the products after the payment.

5. The right of return is 14 days
5.1. The Client has the 14-day right of withdrawing from the contract (hereinafter referred to as 14-day right of return) relating to the product purchased from the online store in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract below.
5.2. By making the purchase from the online store, the Client agrees to the following conditions related to the right of return:
5.2.1. The returned goods must be unused and in their original packaging (the Client must open the package carefully and without damaging it. If the packaging cannot be opened, then the returned product does not have to be in its original packaging).
5.2.2 If the products have been used in any other way than is necessary for the nature, characteristics or functionality of the products or they have wear marks, the Online Store has the right to reduce the refundable amount according to the decrease in value of the products.
5.2.3 To return the product, fill in the return of goods application found HERE. The application must be submitted to info@kaekellad.ee to arrange further actions. The product can be physically returned to our office located at Tulika 19 after contacting us or using 1) the SmartPOST or Post24 parcel machines.
5.2.4 The money will be returned to the Client’s bank account within 14 days after submitting the withdrawal application. The shipping cost related to the return within Estonia will be paid by us.

6. Commercial warranty
6.1. The provider of the warranty is MP Kaubandus OÜ located at Tulika 19, 10613, Tallinn.
6.2. To exercise the right granted by the warranty, contact MP Kaubandus OÜ (info@kaekellad.ee; +372 56 562 491).
6.3. The warranty gives the Client the right to demand the repair or replacement of the purchased item for a fee or without a fee in accordance with the conditions set in the warranty agreement. The warranty does not offer free-of-charge reimbursement for the product or details that are worn, have been damaged using excessive force, broken into pieces or damaged as a result of improper use. Free-of-charge reimbursement is offered for bringing products with manufacturing errors to the standards outlined in the terms of the agreement. The cause of the fault is determined by the manufacturer or the seller’s specialist. The shipping cost related to the warranty is reimbursed by the provider of the warranty.
6.4. To exercise the right granted by the warranty, contact the provider of the warranty.
6.5. The warranty is valid for two years. The warranty begins when the product is presented to the buyer and ends when the buyer cannot use the item as it does not comply with the terms in the agreement, for which the provider of the warranty is responsible.
6.6. The warranty is valid in the Republic of Estonia and other European Union member states.
6.7. In addition to the rights granted by the warranty, the client has other legal right rights (e.g. the right of appeal in accordance with Article 218 of the VÕS).

7. Liability and Force majeure
7.1. The Seller and the Client are liable to each other for damage caused to the other party by breaching these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent prescribed in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
7.2. The Seller is not liable for the damages caused to the Client or delay in the delivery of the product in the event that the damage or the delay in the delivery of the goods is caused by circumstances out of the Seller’s control and were not or could not have been foreseen (force majeure).

8. Personal data processing
8.1. By entering their data and with an appropriate confirmation, the Client gives the online store the right to collect and process the client’s personal data (name, telephone number, the delivery and/or home address, email) and forward the personal data to their logistics partner for the delivery of the goods.
8.2. The online store has the right to use the Client’s home or other location to forward advertisement and other information to the Client.
8.3. The Client has the right at any time to forbid the collection and usage of personal data unless it is required for the recovery of the duties outlined in the agreement or to deliver the product.
8.4. The usage of electronic personal data for direct mail occurs only if the Client has given separate permission for it.
8.5. Encrypted data transmission provides the security of the Client’s personal bank details during bank transactions and the Online Store does not have access to them.

9. Complaints procedure
9.1. The online store shall be held liable to the client for non-conformity of the product to contractual terms and conditions or for any kinds of faults that are detected within two years of the transfer of goods to the client. Within the first six months of the delivery of the item to the purchaser, it is presumed that the defect existed at the time of delivery of the item. The obligation to disprove this presumption lies with the Online Store.
9.2. If faults are found, the Client has the right to contact the online store within two months and submit the receipt of the purchase.
9.3. In the event faults are found, we request that the product is not used any further.
9.4. The online store and the Client shall agree upon the repairs or replacement of fault products. The cost of the repairs will be covered by the online store.
9.5. The online store shall not be held liable for faults that occurred through the fault of the Client as the result of inadequate storage of a product or its inappropriate usage.
9.6. In the event that the product does not match the requirements or a fault occurs with the product, we request you send the complaint to the email address info@kaekellad.ee that contains the name of the person who placed the order, telephone number, number of the order and the exact description of how the product does not match the requirements or how it is faulty.
9.7. The complaint of the product not matching the requirements or containing faults must be submitted within two months of the discovery that the product does not match the requirements or contains faults.
9.8. All claims will be considered and the Seller will contact the Client as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days after receiving the claim.
9.9. The Client has the right to ask for the reduction of purchase price or for the termination of contract with the online store and demand a refund if the online store is not able to repair or replace the product, repair or replacement fails the online store has not remedied a defect within the reasonable period of time, or unjustified inconvenience has been caused to the Client.

10. Terms of use and amendment of terms
10.1. By making a purchase in the online store the Client accepts the terms of use of the online store and is obliged to comply with them.
10.2. The sales contract between the Seller and the Customer takes effect when the payment arrives in the Merchant’s bank account.
10.3. The Seller has the right to change the terms and conditions and the product prices of the online store. A notification of the changes will be published on the website of the online store. The terms and conditions and prices valid at the time of a transaction apply to said transaction.
10.4. The Seller has the right to refuse to fulfil an order if the Product’s price displayed in the online store was incorrect due to a technical issue.

11. Other conditions
11.1. If the online store has refused to resolve a claim submitted by the Client, or if the Client does not agree to the solution offered by the Seller and believes that their rights have been violated or their interests have been damaged, the Client may file a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Committee via the Consumer Protection Board or to the courts. The Client may file a complaint on their own or by means of a representative. The information on the Consumer Disputes Committee is:

Address: Pronksi 12, Tallinn

E-mail: avaldus@komisjon.ee
Website: www.komisjon.ee
Telephone number: +372 6201 920

The European Union’s Online Dispute Resolution platform is available at: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. The aforementioned platform allows the Client to submit a dispute both for international and domestic transactions.